Types of water automation

Automating your watering is an ideal way to ensure your garden gets the amount of water it needs and avoids over watering. In many regions automating your garden watering can assist you in complying with water restrictions. You can automate your garden watering using manual tap timers, automatic tap timers or with a fully automated watering system.

There are many types of water automation products available, Pope offer a huge range to suit your garden and budget. Water automating controls the watering of areas and zones in your garden, saving you time and money.

Tap timers

Tap Timers offer basic operation to your irrigation system. They don’t require any additional valves or wiring so are often considered an easy way to get into automated watering. They can be connected to a standard garden tap and often come with 25mm/20mm adaptors. You can remove the bottom 12mm hose connector and add tap nuts, directors or pressure reducers. They don’t offer as much individual programming so may not suit complicated watering setups.


The controller is the “brains” of the system. It determines which watering zone operates, when it turns on and how long it runs for. When you opt for an irrigation controller, you generally divide your garden into zones. These zones are commonly determined by the amount of water and pressure available and the type of irrigation you are running. External controllers are fine to be mounted outside in the weather, but should be mounted close to a 240 volt power source.

What's in the Valve Box?

The system in the valve box consists of a ‘manifold’ (a PVC or poly pipe with several outlets) connected to solenoid valves. Each valve is like an electronic tap that opens and closes, allowing water to pass when instructed by the controller. The signals from the controller run along low voltage cable to each of the solenoid valves. The manifold/valve box can be mounted in the most convenient location for your installation, but should be located centrally to all your zones.

Find the right water automation product for you

Will you be around home to turn the timer on manually?
Will you change the programming often?
Do you need multiple outlets?
How many outlets?
Recommended: Basic Manual (101307, 101314)
  • No batteries required
  • User needs to be at home to operate
  • Mounts to a standard garden tap
Recommended: Basic Automatic (1010327, 1010305)
  • Easy to program
  • Set and forget, no manual intervention
  • Removable face makes early morning program setting easier
  • Can be used when not at home
  • Adjustable watering times
  • Mounts to a standard garden tap
  • Powered by either 9V or AA battery
Recommended: Snapshot (1013079)
  • Large easy to read display
  • 1 Button programming
  • Quick manual mode
Recommended: Advanced Automatic (1010376, 1010377, 1010378)
  • Angled face for easy viewing
  • Multiple outlets for different watering zones
  • Full display of watering program setup
  • Can be used when not at home
  • Adjustable watering times
  • Multiple watering start times
  • Powered by either 9V or AA battery
  • Mounts to a standard garden tap
  • Meets water restriction guidelines by allowing watering on individual selected days
We recommend a fully automated system
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Find the right tap timer for you

If you are looking for a fully automated system

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