Fully automated system

Lush lawns and a thriving garden is one step closer when you take the plunge and install a fully automated irrigation system. It’s a bit of work up front, but the long term benefits are well worth the effort. A well planned irrigation system will enable you to tailor your watering to different parts of your garden depending on your needs.

You can set a regular watering schedule and sit back and relax. Most controllers also include the option of a rain sensor, which switches off the watering if it has rained.

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If your garden requires multiple zones to be watered and have access to mains water, a controller is recommended.

  • Suit gardens with multiple areas.
  • Allows you to water separate garden areas independently.
  • Turn the water on and off automatically.
  • Connect to the mains water and power.
  • Have many components including auto controllers, solenoid valves and accessories.

Automated systems are programmed to water one garden area (or zone) at a time. Solenoid valves open and close one solenoid at a time, according to the programs set in your auto controller.

Selecting the correct valve according to your watering needs.

25mm solenoid valves can be used for pop-up sprinklers, drippers and spray systems. 25mm refers to the thread size of the inlet and outlet on the valve. When installing pop-up systems, it’s recommended to use 25mm solenoid valves. Mini barb valves should be avoided with installing pop-ups as these are designed for smaller, lower flow applications.

The manifold is used to connect all solenoid valves to the same water source. The manifold sits inside a valve box that is mounted in the ground on a bed of pebbles. The manifold/valve box should be installed in the most convenient location, centrally located to all your zones.

The solenoid valves screw into your manifold ready. You will need to wire solenoid valves  to your controller with the number of zones you have isolated.

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