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Pop-ups are the ultimate in water delivery systems for your lawn and garden. They offer great usability while being concealed when not in use and are specifically designed as part of a system to offer maximum water efficiency. pop-up sprinkler systems are ideal for many different types of gardens. They can be used to water grass areas to flower beds and borders too.

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Why use pop-ups?

Pop-up sprinklers are designed to distribute water evenly over lawn surfaces. The spray mimics a soaking rain. Pop-ups normally have 15mm inlet threads and come with variable arc nozzles or fixed spray nozzles. Both have various throw characteristics. Pop-ups should be placed evenly apart with the spray reaching from the head of one sprinkler, to the head of the next sprinkler. This ensures full coverage and no dry spots.

Selecting the most suitable pop-up sprinkler

Pope’s pop-up range caters to all size lawn areas, whether it’s square or irregular shape we have the solution for you. Review our range below to determine the right pop-up for your area.

The ‘Pope Master’ pop-up is a reliable, basic “fixed arc” sprinkler that delivers water in approximately a 3.5 metre radius. The arc settings are available in 90°, 180°, 270° or a full 360°, meaning these sprinklers are ideal for ‘regular shaped lawns.

  • Fixed spray pattern.
  • Available in ¼, ½, ¾ or full circle patterns.
  • Suitable for small lawn areas.
  • 50mm pop-up height.
  • Adjustable spray radius.




The ‘Pope Professional’ range is a medium duty fixed arc offering, available in a discreet brown colour.

  • Fixed spray pattern.
  • Uniform coverage.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Available in ¼, ½, ¾ or full circle patterns.
  • Suitable for small or medium lawn areas.
  • 50mm pop-up height.



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The ‘Pope Precision’ range offers an extra level of flexibility with its variable arc nozzle and two pop-up heights.

  • Variable arc nozzle.
  • Adjustable pattern nozzle for greater water flexibility.
  • Pattern adjustment from 0° to 360°.
  • Uniform coverage.
  • 50mm and 75mm pop-up height.
  • Suitable for small or large lawn areas.
  • For large areas, more pop-ups are required which may mean 2 or more separate watering lines are needed.



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Calculating the number of pop-ups required

(head to head watering)

For proper coverage, space your sprinklers so that the watering patterns overlap. Sprinklers must always be spaced at distances equivalent to their radius of throw. For example, if your sprinkler has a radius of 2 metres you should place your sprinklers two metres apart, so that the edge of the “throw” touches the head of the next sprinkler.

Installation for pop-up systems

  • Avoid utility and communication lines when digging.
  • Use 19mm locking clamps on all barbed fittings and place your pop-up heads level with the base of your grass.
  • Low density poly pipe can only withstand a pressure of 300kPa. If your water pressure exceeds 300kPa, you should use a pressure reducer. Pope’s Inline Timer Pressure Reducer is suitable for all applications and will reduce your available pressure to 300kPa. This will relieve longer term problems such as leaking, that may arise with your irrigation system downstream.

Your flow rate will determine the total number of pop-up sprinklers you can use at any one time.

Different pop-up sprinklers will have their own flow rate.

PLEASE NOTE: Measure the flow at peak water usage. If using a tap timer or pressure reducer, measure the flow with these devices fitted.

If you do not want to install solenoid valves to separate your zones, you can use manual inline taps. These will allow you to get the required pressure to operate your required number of pop-ups.

WARNING: When pipes are damaged, back flow occurs polluting household water. Please contact your local water authority for advise on installing an approved back flow prevention device.

Asset 5

Calculating your flow rate

  • 1. Place a 9 litre bucket under your garden tap, and turn the tap on full boar.
  • 2. Using a stopwatch, time how long it takes the water to reach capacity.
  • 3. Enter your results in the fields below to calculate your flow rate:
How many seconds did it take to fill the bucket?
How many
seconds did
it take to fill
the bucket?
What size was your bucket?
What size
was your

(In litres)

Your flow rate:*


Litres per minute
*The calculator takes off 20% to allow for friction loss in the irrigation system

Step by step

Use this tool to create a shopping list for your lawn irrigation system.

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System Protection
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Emission Devices
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